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Кои са вашите любими филми/ сериали? А любимите ви актьори? Споделете!
 #368152  от Lolita.
 нед окт 11, 2015 6:44 pm
За любителите на ужаси препоръчвам:
Rose red, The collection, The woman in black; Forget me not; Dead girl, Insanitarium, The hills run red,
SAW 1-7, Unborn, Sinister, 28 days later, Hight Tension, Lake Placid, The cube, The impossible, Jenifer's body, Mama, Stay Alive, Evil dead, The last exorcism, Open Grave, The Conjuring, Insidious, Dead Silence, I spit on your grave 1-2, Nightmare on Elm Street, Hatchet, Friday the 13th Collection,
House of Wax, Byzantium, The Entity, The Cave, Chucky, Bride of Chucky, Curse of Chucky, The Purge, The Ring, The Quite Ones, Session 9, Dark Skies; Nurse, Only lovers left alive; The taking of Deborah Logan;

За любителите на романтика:
10 things i hate about you; Charlie St. Cloud; The fault in our stars; The best of me; Blind dating; Blue Lagoon: The Awakening; Chasing Liberty; Dear John; Endless love; Feast of love; I hate valentines day; Keith; Letter to Juliet; Listen to your heart; LOL; Love and Honor; Love at first hiccup; Love, Rosie; No strings attached; P.S I love you; Pride and Prejudice; Tengo genas de ti; Tres metros sobre el cielo; The first time; The lucky one; The twilight; The holiday; The last song; The lost valentine; The notebook; Valentines day; Great Expectations; Imagine me and you. Just my luck.

Други филми:
The hunger games; Southpaw; The hottie and the nottie; Never back down; Behaving badly; Cheats; Despicable me 1-2; Dhoom; Fast and Furious; Freerunner; Frozen; Harry Potter; How high; Madly Madagascar; Maleficent; Monsters University; Pith Perfect; Raise your voice; Puss in boots; So undercover; Step up; Ted 2; Teen spirit; The lone ranger (i recommend you this lol); The hangover; The ugly truth; Turbo; Not another teen movie.

Мисля, че са достатъчни аххах :D
 #379263  от ✪In Motion™
 пет фев 05, 2016 2:25 am
Bingo bongo :) :D
 #380171  от HolySqeak
 съб фев 13, 2016 4:43 pm
Cloud Atlas, Mr. Nobody, The Butterfly Effect (определение на "живот" ВНИМАНИЕ: Много трудно се схващат)
 #396673  от Morskiq 1913
 чет авг 11, 2016 3:16 pm
Комедия - Зохан, Нощ в музея, Смахнатия професор, Кум под наем
Фантастика - Властелинът на пръстените, Хобит, Лабиринтът, Игрите на гладът, Междузвездни войни
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