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 #440530  от PoGdAb
 чет апр 01, 2021 6:55 pm
Hi , so i joined this deathrun server of yours like 2 days ago, and i noticed that its not only me facing this problem but many others do, the issue im facing in ur deathrun server is that sometimes i get kicked for fake high ping which i dont have.. maybe i do but this is the only server ive been facing this ping issue with.
It kicks me with this msg :
Kicked by Console: "Kicked due to high ping [735 ms]"
Kicked :"Kicked due to high ping [735 ms]"

700 ping is unplayable and ofcourse i didnt come to play with 700 ping :DD so it doesnt make sense.
Also , a friend of mine got banned cuz of it .. and he lives near bulgaria so its no way the problem is from us :D its definitely from the server .. and i Recommend u guys to remove that plugin because its useless + it doesnt even detect correctly..

 #440532  от VSVP
 чет апр 01, 2021 8:49 pm
PoGdAb харесват това